1. Purge the feminist mindset and indoctrination from your approach to women. You are the man. You set the pace. You pursue and you lead. Women still look to you take charge despite phony protestations to the contrary.
  2. Possess confidence. Or get started developing confidence. This needs to come naturally from the core of your being, your accomplishments, and your experiences. It has to be genuine and earned. None of this “fake it till you make it” nonsense. Women will see right through that and it is pathetic for a real, honest, masculine man to attempt that.
  3. Less is more. Be mysterious. Women do not want full disclosure. They want a challenge that they can attempt to solve. Resist spilling your guts and reciting your life story. If you must, that can wait for when she is your girlfriend.
  4. When first meeting a woman do not arrange dates for the same day and certainly no first dates on a Friday or Saturday night. Your time is valuable and you need to signal in a subtle way to her that you are a man in demand. Women want men other women want. Try to tease out the natural female competition anxiety in an understated manner.
  5. Never ask a woman out for another date during a date. Leave her wondering about you and your feelings for her. A woman’s imagination can be your best ally. You can text her the next day that you had a nice time, but don’t make it too easy for her since she will take you for granted and appreciate you less. She wants to be the one who won out against her female competition and to know that she didn’t win by default.
  6. Leave her wanting more. It is better to end a date an hour early than drag it out to a fourth drink. Again, your time is precious and you are a man with options. The more options that a man has, the more valuable he is. Also, see rule #3 above.
  7. Never reveal your sexual history, give a number, or discuss your current love life. Again, see rule #3 above.
  8. You should pay for the first date unless she is obnoxious or going overboard with her consumption. And yes, even if you don’t plan on seeing a girl again you should pay for the first date provided that she wasn’t a complete nutcase. Be a gentleman. Have some class.
  9. Speak less than her. For every three words she speaks, speak two. God gave you two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you talk. I know the math is off between the two examples, but you get the picture. This applies to texting as well. Never text at a faster response rate than her. It is probably preferable that you reply at half her speed. I know, this is a bit silly, but no man in the history of dating since the inception of texting has ever been rejected for not texting back fast enough.
  10. Always date women younger than you. Unless you are in your twenties, this is a good general rule to follow and is the most natural order to male-female coupling. You know what, this is probably a solid rule to abide by even in your twenties. Remember the formula for how young you can go: divide your age by two and add seven.
  11. Know your own value and keep your standards high. It is better to get burned by flying too close to the sun (i.e. hitting on the beauty sitting at the end of the bar) than to land immediately after takeoff (i.e. settle for the very first girl who didn’t reject you―unless she is that aforementioned beauty).
  12. Play to your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. If you can’t dance to save your life, then don’t take her dancing, for crying out loud. If you can’t sing, but are an amateur wine expert, forget karaoke and take her wine tasting instead.
  13. Rejection is better than regret. It may sting more in the short run, but in the long run it is generally the things in life we didn’t do that we regret, not the things that we did. So go and approach that attractive woman who caught your eye with confidence and class. Sure, the odds may be against you, but at least you won’t be thinking about what could have been for the next week or three. Carpe diem.