The first entry of the year? I’m astonished that it was that quiet and uneventful for four months in here. Or have I just become accustomed to the nonsense around me? The Raptor is preparing to leave for his vacation in Costa Rica and I mention how I would like to go for a week to the beach somewhere. I also note that my girlfriend has brought up Mexico as an option and the Raptor gets excited since he can showcase his travel knowledge.

He goes off on how Cancún has become a U.S. colony and that it is like Las Vegas. I think to myself about how Los Angeles is becoming a Mexican colony with the critical difference being that the Americans leave Cancún after a week while the Mexicans always stay for considerably longer, and usually illegally.

Raptor proceeds to make the recommendation to avoid going to the Mayan pyramids since it is overrun by “fat Americans.” You would want it to be overrun by fat Mexicans to make it more authentic, wouldn’t you? That makes sense. And Mexico does have the highest obesity rate in the world now, by the way. It is worth imagining how much lower the American obesity rate would be if the Central American portion of the population would not be such a sizeable minority in the country.

But it is strange  and disturbing how much venom the Raptor has reserved for our country and countrymen. This is the guy who came to America at the age of 12 and has an American wife and children. This is also the clown who would speak his broken Spanish when ordering tacos at a taco stand with the Mexican order taker looking bewildered.

Raptor often exemplifies the ungrateful immigrant to America, which is sadly becoming all too common nowadays and is especially widespread in California. Too many people from too many unremarkable countries have too much pride in where they were born. It is easy to be the proud Mexican (or insert your favorite corrupt, underdeveloped, third-world country) in America, but why don’t you try that kind of phony posturing back in Mexico? Not to mention the obvious, that if Mexico is so magnificent then why did you or your parents go to such lengths to come to this country?

It is also curious that it is expected that Americans speak the local language when traveling somewhere for one week, but people who immigrate to America are no longer expected to speak English. I’m sure the Raptor sees no issues or contradictions in this with his worldview.

I keep thinking about his commentary later in the day too and realize that this individual really gets under my skin and that it is time to start taking a firm stand come what may. It is also past the time to move on from this place and as I begin picturing the Raptor’s mug when I give my two-weeks’ notice, I smile like a kid on Christmas morning. The end here is near and I can feel it in my bones.

Adiós, muchacho.


This is a post in a series based on my time working at a Fortune 500 company. These posts are taken directly from a journal I decided to keep after witnessing numerous unbelievable and ridiculous incidents. All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent―as well as the guilty. The head of my department is referred to as ‘Raptor,’ which was the nickname given to him by one of my coworkers. Last I checked, Raptor was still employed in the same role at this company.