Happy Halloween! Coworkers dressed up in costumes, scary decorations, little trick-or-treaters from a nearby school walking through the office, my cubicle neighbor clipping his fingernails… Wait a second, excuse me? Yes. This has been a weekly occurrence for the past couple of months and despite calling him out on this inappropriate, unhygienic, and unprofessional conduct, he is unrelenting. I need to draw the line somewhere since the Raptor routinely spits out what he hacks up from his smoking habit into his trash bin right in front of me. However, he only does this during our painful one-on-one meetings, so I guess that makes it less bad?

Yesterday we had a candidate come in for the second time and, similar to certain past candidates, he was not wearing a suit. Neither was he clean shaven. The Millennials continue to underwhelm, annoy, and worry me. The sad fact is that this individual will likely get the job regardless. The standards continue to fall in our society.

I’m dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, which around here means that you are an executive. What is that saying about dressing for the job you want rather than the one you have? I bump into the Raptor while making my morning coffee in the lunchroom. He asks me about why I’m not dressed up for Halloween, but then remarks that I’m dressed as an interviewee. Good one, schmuck. Right on the money though, but unfortunately not just yet, although it is interesting that he would have made that leap in his mind.


This is a post in a series based on my time working at a Fortune 500 company. These posts are taken directly from a journal I decided to keep after witnessing numerous unbelievable and ridiculous incidents. All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent―as well as the guilty. The head of my department is referred to as ‘Raptor,’ which was the nickname given to him by one of my coworkers. Last I checked, Raptor was still employed in the same role at this company.