The entire department gets dragged into a late morning meeting that Raptor assures us will only be 5-10 minutes. He walks over to our cubicles and announces that Eduardo and another individual with a Spanish first name I can’t recall are here from South America.

I look up and ask him with little to no interest, “Who?,” as if I’m supposed to be on a first name basis with these people I have never worked with before. Raptor ignores my inquiry and our rag-tag department marches to the conference room with the usual level of non-existent enthusiasm.

One of the Finance VPs is there as well as the two individuals from Argentina and Venezuela, which are two challenging markets for the company, to put it in executive corporate-speak. In reality, these two countries are sliding down the tragic path of a self-inflicted socialist nightmare engineered by know-nothing, historically ignorant, economically illiterate, Castro-admiring, marxist thugs. One wonders how there is any demand for our overpriced, non-essential products in Venezuela―a country where people stand in bread lines, there is a shortage of the most basic goods (e.g. meat, toilet paper etc.), and annual inflation is well over 100%.

Naturally, none of these points are raised in the meeting, although the Argentinian executive does pin his hopes for a brighter future on elections held there next year that will hopefully unseat the irrational and moronic Mrs. Kirchner. The Venezuelan does not make one direct criticism of his government, which is indicative of the repressive political climate down there.

The 5-10 minute meeting is close to an hour old when the American Finance VP asks about a document that our department is responsible for. There is silence and I look in the Raptor’s direction and see him staring at me with the usual unpleasant, disapproving look. He says to me, “That’s the email that has been sitting in your inbox for the past seven months.”

I don’t believe my ears. Is he really going to burn me in front of the department and these VPs who have never met me before? Is he really going to throw me under the bus instead of discussing this with me one-on-one? Yes and yes. Raptor is resorting to shaming his subordinates in public for not responding to every single one of his commands with a salute and a submissive smile. A petty, pathetic, chicken-sh*t move. I’m livid and manage to say, “Really? I will have to check. Thanks for the reminder.”

The conversation quickly moves on. Raptor ends the meeting by critiquing not the corrupt, incompetent, authoritarian, leftist governments of these two countries, but rather the lack of quality international news coverage in the American media. I guess he has never heard of the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg or National Review or Foreign Policy or the Atlantic Monthly or pick your poison.

Maybe he should stop reading Yahoo News and the LA Times. The room is silent and many of us look at him quizzically as in “what the hell does that have to do with anything, you wannabe, pseudo-intellectual poser?” Or maybe it’s just me thinking that.

After the meeting ends, I’m the first one out of the room and I briefly contemplate going into the Raptor’s office and telling him to never pull that crap on me ever again. I come close, but hold back and decide instead to update my journal and add this incident to my list of complaints that will be presented to HR upon my exit from this place.

I’m closing in on two years of this type of demeaning and ridiculous behavior and I have never been treated like this by any of my former supervisors or employers. The revenge plot starts taking shape in my head in the next day or two.  Stay tuned…


This is a post in a series based on my time working at a Fortune 500 company. These posts are taken directly from a journal I decided to keep after witnessing numerous unbelievable and ridiculous incidents. All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent―as well as the guilty. The head of my department is referred to as ‘Raptor,’ which was the nickname given to him by one of my coworkers. Last I checked, Raptor was still employed in the same role at this company.