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Seriology Comment Policies

Comments, tips, advice, or criticism from readers are all welcome. Please feel free to send in your thoughts below or to leave a comment under one of the posts. One of the primary aims of Seriology is to be an interactive internet destination for white-collar workers around the world.

Another aim is to build out a community that can share and relate to living the white-collar life―and lifestyle―with all the associated trials and tribulations; ups and downs. As C.S. Lewis once said, “We read to know we are not alone.”

Readers are encouraged to submit personal stories that deal with any of the themes on Seriology, especially ones that relate to the white-collar work life, office culture, and dating. Please note that reader stories submitted may be used on the website in part or in whole―minus any personal details and always respecting the privacy of the contributor.

Lastly, the obligatory disclaimer regarding the proprietor―that is yours truly, Seri―not being responsible for, or necessarily endorsing, reader comment content posted on his website.


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